About Michael Cuddehe

Michael Cuddehe is a veteran market analyst, trader and fund manager. He has spent the last 40 years tracking and analyzing global political and economic developments, and is currently the President of Strategic Global Advisors, LLC. He is the publisher of Risk & Opportunity, a quarterly political and economic newsletter, and the author of “Chronicle of Catastrophe: A Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years.”

Mr. Cuddehe has been a candidate for U.S. Representative, and served on the Platform and Executive Committees of the Natural Law Party.

Public Speaking

Bridging the Partisan Divide: Nonviolent Politics

  • A model of healthy politics that will produce optimal policy without partisan warfare.
  • A method for engaging in constructive dialog with people who disagree with you.
  • Understanding of the forces systematically creating division, mistrust and conflict in our society.
  • The knowledge and tools you need to neutralize the impact of these forces on your life.

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