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After Identity Politics

Mark Lilla’s seminal book, The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics has been getting a lot of attention lately…thankfully! The lede from Lilla’s August 11th Wall Street Journal article sums it up: “Liberals should reject the divisive, zero-sum politics of identity and find their way back to a unifying vision of the common good.” This book should be required […]

What is the Point of Being An American?

This assessment of the condition of the American republic was posted by Andrew Bacevich on Tomdispatch.com. This statement should be required reading for every citizen. I am by temperament a conservative and a traditionalist, wary of revolutionary movements that more often than not end up being hijacked by nefarious plotters more interested in satisfying their own […]

2017:   Donald Trump – The Chaos President

This has been a difficult letter to write. The turbulence unleashed by the election of Donald Trump has continued unabated. The belligerent torrent of attack tweets and “alternative facts” emanating daily from the White House leaves one wondering how this could happen in America, and what will become of us. The news has become all […]

Threats of #NuclearWar Need Media Pushback

Casual threats of nuclear war are ratcheting up the odds of an “accidental” nuclear war. Our media need to tear themselves away from the Donald Trump reality show, and start paying attention to this and other existential threats proliferating behind the curtain. For a reality check, review the litany of nuclear close calls posted at futureoflife.org.

Q3 ’16:   2016 Election Issue—The Politics of Destruction

As the 2016 presidential election mercifully draws to a close, the polls indicate that Hillary Clinton will handily defeat Donald Trump. There is great uncertainty, however, regarding control of Congress. The House is expected to remain in Republican hands, but the Senate is up for grabs. At the eleventh hour, an announcement by FBI Director […]

Q2 ’16:   Artificial Intelligence – Blessing or Curse?

2016 has already been an outlier for unexpected events. Political turbulence and violent outbursts globally are on the rise. At home, the ambush murders of police officers in Dallas and Little Rock have shocked the nation. Politically, the ascendance of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President is enough to let us know that […]

Q1 ’16:   WMD Proliferation: India-Pakistan Edition

The border of India and Pakistan has been a toxic zone of conflict for decades, but the situation there has taken a turn for the worse. Pakistan has recently deployed tactical nukes on their border, under the control of local commanders. This hair-trigger situation is such that the slightest miscalculation could set off a nuclear […]

Q4 ’15:   Uncertainty

The world is in a state of confusion, reflected in markets across the board, which went nowhere for all of 2015 (see Bloomberg “The Year Nothing Worked”). The new year started off with a sharp, but historically normal, selloff in stocks (Dow -13%, S&P -11%). Market fundamentals suggest more downside but the selloff precipitated a […]

Q2 ’15:   Green Shoots

“Two things have always been true about human beings. One, the world is always getting better. Two, the people living at that time think it’s getting worse.” Penn Jillette Political, economic and technological changes are rapidly changing the face of human civilization on planet Earth. At such a time it is easy to become overshadowed […]

Q1 ’15:   Rationalizing Lunacy

The title of this quarter’s letter is taken from an article by Andrew Bacevich, professor emeritus of International Relations and History at Boston University. “Rationalizing Lunacy: The Intellectual as Servant of the State,” reprinted below with permission, addresses the impact of policy intellectuals on our foreign policy….characterizing them as “a blight on the Republic.” Mr. […]