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Q3 ’02:   Consumption Exhaustion and The Case for Deflation

Policy makers in the West, particularly in the U.S., no longer think of their constituents as “citizens.” Rather they are “consumers.” This point was imbedded in my consciousness in the days immediately after 9/11 when President Bush’s advice to the people of New York was to “get out there and shop.” Of course the intent […]

Q2 ’02:   Strategies for a Bear Market

The first phase of the bear market is over and pundits are scrambling for indications that the recession is over and recovery is underway. But the pundits, for the most part, are ignoring the obvious – there are still major distortions in most sectors of our economy that have not been corrected. Also, global trade […]

Q1 ’02:   Why Alternative Investments?

As anyone who has been paying attention can tell you, current opportunities in traditional investments are less than inspiring. While conditions in the near term are likely to improve somewhat over what we have seen for the last two years, that still leaves a lot to be desired. For an excellent review of the current […]