June 2020: New Beginnings

The inauguration of Donald Trump brought on a whirlwind of scandal-a-day chaos that has made it impossible for me to assemble the long form Risk & Opportunity newsletters that I have published since 2002. As a result, I have only published twice since the 2016 election: “Donald Trump – The Chaos President” in July of 2017, and “A Republic, If You Can Keep It – Part 1” this year.

These newsletters are labor intensive. It typically takes me at least several weeks and sometimes months to assemble a R&O newsletter. But the Trump strategy to “flood the zone with shit” has rendered my normal process unworkable. By the time I have finished a first draft, the ground has already shifted several times, and the initial framework seems no longer relevant.

At the same time, few have time to read anything long form anymore. So it seems to be time to try something different.

The most frequent comment I have received from readers of The Politics of Unity is appreciation for the delivery of my ideas in short chapters.

I have decided to try publishing shorter, more narrowly focused articles, rather than trying to assemble a comprehensive picture of the state-of-affairs.

This is an experiment. I hope that it will be useful for my readers in finding balanced and more meaningful insight into current affairs and their implications for the future – delivered in bite sized portions.

New issues will be forthcoming shortly. Comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Please, no rants! Send to: info@michaelcuddehe.com

Best regards,